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22 May, 2020

As featured in our article “Where to catch Giant Peacock Bass in Colombia?” (which you can read by clicking here), the Orinoquia region offers us a couple of interesting options to fish peacock bass species. Today we will show you the Tomo River and the Gavilan River.

The beautiful region of Orinoquia takes its name from the Orinoco River, which extends through 5 departments in Colombia and much of the territory of Venezuela.

Two main rivers in which we can legally carry out our sport fishing expeditions are the Tomo River and the Gavilan River, both of which are very close to El Tuparro National Park, the current natural reserve for exotic animals such as the Pink Dolphin and the Jaguar.

Today we will talk more about the Tomo River and the Gavilan River, magical places that will accompany us throughout our expedition through Colombian lands.


Thanks to its geographical position, with access from two seas, Colombia has become a very interesting option for those who practice sport fishing in both rivers and oceans.

Below you will find some places in Colombia with perfect conditions to practice sport fishing with huge amount of diversity.

Pacific Coast: This place has one of the highest concentrations of marine diversity on the planet, in addition to having currents that come from Peru and Ecuador, bringing large numbers of birds, and big game fish such as Marlin, Sailfish, Tuna, Mahi, Snappers, Amberjack, Rooster fish, Tarpon to name a few, Afloat has a great operation named ANIGUA in Bahia Solano with a inshore and offshore fishing.

Vichada: In this region we operate AKUANI floating camp. This project develops the concept of sport fishing and eco tourism so clients and visitors can learn more about the rivers, jungles, savannas, estuaries and ecosystems of the region as well as how to take care of them.

La Macarena: The Guayabero river, a place where the Guayaberos indigenous people once fished, creates a halo of mysticism in this magical territory. This place is ideal for fishing catfish, payaras and yellows, among others.

Amazon: The Amazon is a place with wide biodiversity, which gives rise to an unforgettable fishing experience. However, in recent times the department of Vichada has become the center of attention for peacock bass fishing in Colombian.
However, what interests us now is finding the perfect place to find the Peacock Bass, and that place is the Orinoco River, more exactly the tributaries called Tomo River and Gavilan River.

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