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Whales in Bahía Solano, Chocó

Bahía Solano, in the department of Chocó, north of the Pacific coast of Colombia, is a unique natural paradise in the world where the tropical rainforest and the sea meet each other, where you can enjoy 60% of the biodiversity of the planet, with 25% of plant species that are only in this place. In addition to the magic of this natural wealth that allows you to see trees, flowers, birds, butterflies, frogs and roots of all colors and shapes, it is also possible to see humpback whales that migrate from Antarctica to mate and give birth to their calves , as well as living the experience of watching the sea turtles spawn and being part of the release of the turtles that are born and embark on their way to the sea.

The Utría National Natural Park is beautiful cove that leads to a path with mangroves, nature and beaches with corals; the Chadó River with its waterfalls; the Tundó river, surrounded by jungle and multicolored birds; and much more.
There are no words to describe the energy of the Colombian Pacific!

By: Catalina Franco Restrepo 
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