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When I think about my experience as a sport fisherman, I can’t find a more accurate description for Colombia and the Orinoquia region than the word PERFECTION. Today I will tell you about my experience fishing a peacock bass in Colombia.

This region of virgin and magical jungles, rivers full of life, and dusty roads, is a magical place we have the fortune to travel across every year. The best thing is that it has changed very little over the years, it never ceases to amaze me. 

Being able to have access to places like this, which are increasingly harder to find, fills us with satisfaction. But the most important thing is that we can share this with clients and friends. 

Travel in Tomo River

Each trip is a new experience 

The Colombian Orinoquia Region is an independent universe. It is one of the most biodiverse regions on earth, and also, a cultural and ethnic wonder. 

Little is known about these ecosystems, but in recent years and thanks to the new realities in social and peace terms in Colombia, interesting projects have been developed.

Such is the case of AFLOAT, a project that develops the concept of sport fishing and eco tourism so customers can learn more about the rivers, jungles, savannas, estuaries and  ecosystems of the region as well as how to take care of them.

Just a few years ago, it was hard to think about visiting these places. It was crazy to think that a tourist program could be developed. The lack of infrastructure and the social reality of these territories made it simply impossible.

Therefore, when you heard or read something about the giant peacock bass, possibly the only destinations available were Brazil or Venezuela. However, the situation has changed for these countries and the sport fishing activity of peacock bass in Colombia is now highly desired.

The social and political situation of Venezuela doesn’t give any guarantees to any sustainable projects. On the other hand, the fishing pressure in Brazil has forced the operators to go deeper and deeper in the jungle to find the 20+ pounds trophy fish that all peacock bass fisherman seek.

This simple factor has made fishing in Brazil increasingly expensive for both clients and those who offer the activity.

Caught a fish in Colombia

Today, Colombia is the best place for  peacock bass fishing 

Today we can proudly say that Colombia is in the top of the peacock bass destinations in the World. 

The pristine rivers, without any kind of fishing pressure and projects like AFLOAT, that promote the protection and sustainability of the resources and communities guarantees a magnificent experience for guests and clients. 

Tomo River

My experience fishing a peacock bass in Colombia

Adventure in Colombia

It’s time to look for your lures or fly box and get into one of the five fishing boats, especially designed for this style of fishing. 

In these boats we can have access to different types of landscapes the river has to offer.

Where we find:

After a short boat ride along the river, we reach a spot with submerged rocks. 

It’s really cool to fish in these kinds of structures, because the water flows a little bit faster and the struggle with the fish becomes more attractive.

Besides, it tests your fishing skills, trying to keep away from the rocks the fish that will try to cut the line against the sharp rocks.

Looking for the right fly to catch a peacock bass in colombia?

Fishing in Tomo River

It’s time to make a quick pause and think about the fly you will use. 

Patterns such as red tail and white, or small peacock bass imitations are always productive, especially because they look like the “Arari” – a very common bait fish that peacocks love to attack.

Armando Giraldo from Orinoco Flies, who knows these fish and rivers well, always provides clients the best flies. 

We stop the boat engine 30 miles before the fishing spot, to avoid scaring the fish. 

We can see from the distance the activity, bait fish flying out of the water, this feeding frenzy is a moment you will never forget.

Quickly I take out my line out of the reel and prepare to cast it. After two false casts, the fly hits the water and the reaction was immediate. I didn’t even manage to make the first strip and a huge speckled peacock bass took the fly.

How I caught a peacock bass in Colombia

The fight begins. The fish empties the line quickly, and the backing begins.

I try to stop it before it heads to the rocks, finally I manage to turn around his head with the rod and just after this, it jumps showing us its size and magnificent colors.

After a great fight we reach a good spot to take a quick photo, keeping the fish always wet and using a nest to weigh it. 

I took a moment to admire the beauty of the fish, and I thank it for the fight. Afterwards, we release it, to have the chance to fight another day. 

We spent the rest of the day with similar results, not counting the number of Butterfly (Cichla Orinocensis) and Royal (Cichla Intermedia) peacocks which are attractive to catch as well.

Fishing Peacock Bass in Colombia

Fishing Travel in Colombia

My thoughts after fishing peacock bass in Colombia

Fishing in Colombia AFLOAT

 It’s not possible for me or anyone to describe with words the wonder of this place but writing this article I realized certain thoughts and facts I would like to share.

 First is that I confirm Colombia is a paradise to discover for any sport fisherman in the world. 

With an enormous potential to catch and release IGFA world records comparable with any top destination such as Brazil. However, in Colombia, the costs are much lower, and with a more significant number and size of peacock bass fish it is an ideal option.

The second one, is that the reality for the country in social terms allows Colombians and foreigners to explore and develop sustainable projects like AFLOAT.

These projects make responsible tourism possible not only for the environment but also with local communities. 

AFLOAT Project

And last, but not least, is that AFLOAT crew has built an amazing experience in terms of security, logistics, comfort and efficiency for four years.

This allows customers to be in the perfect condition to catch trophy fish that will always be in their memories.

That’s why the 80% of the clients that visit us come back year after year, because they trust the capacities of our crew.

They feel comfortable and capable to rely on a team that will always push to provide an excellent experience.