Afloat Adventure

Navigating the pristine waters of the most remote areas of Colombia, a stunning colorful fish that can reach great sizes, remains on the lookout for its next prey, we call him king of the jungle: the Peacock Bass.

We invite you to join us in our search for the amazing Peacock Bass, accompanied by a group of incredible people that will make your adventure unforgettable.

With Afloat, we travel the short season of January to March in search of this river monster. During these months, the Vichada region of Colombia has the driest season of the year and the water levels of the Orinoquia becomes the perfect scenario to sight and catch the Peacock Bass.

The days are long and pleasant in this fishing paradise, under the sun, the jungle trees and the howler monkeys sound as background it is easy to find tranquility and to recharge your soul surrounded by nature at its finest. Peacock Bass are native to South America as well as the banks of Colombia’s most remote rivers, fly fishing is one of our main targets for these species.

This biodiverse area of Colombia has three different species of Peacock Bass: the region’s most common medium-sized Mariposa (Butterfly) Peacock, Orinocensis Peacock and the Temensis Peacock, the largest one of the three, each one with different markings and colors but they all have someting in common, its attacking power and strength!

Don’t wait to be told, gear up your rods and reels and come along with us to your next fly fishing adventure deep in the Colombia’s wildest territories, live the Afloat adventure at is fullest!

Meet the incredible Peacock Bass in Colombia with Afloat!

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