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¿How is a day of adventure and fishing with Afloat?

Today we will tell you what a day of adventure and fishing with Afloat is like. We join a team of anglers for a Peacock Bass adventure in one of the most remote territories of Colombia. The trip is awesome, full of unique discoveries and exciting fishing days, recommended for all those who love adventure.

You can fly from almost anywhere in the United States to Colombia, specifically to Medellin, where a comfortable and special accommodation is waiting for you in one of the best neighborhoods of the city, El Poblado. The hotel is located in an excellent location with restaurants, coffee shops and stores all around, this is the perfect opportunity to know a new culture!

After a restful night, the morning begins at the regional airport, where a charter plane takes us to the east to the agricultural center of La Primavera for approximately 1.5 hours, where a delicious typical lunch awaits us before we head on a journey of approximately 3.5 hours over rough roads, crops and jungle areas to the “Gavilon” river (which means osprey in the local Spanish translation). There, the Afloat Camp team is waiting us for a quickly load of our supplies and equipment, after that we embark upstream for about an hour to the camp.

The Afloat Camp is designed to cover any need, it works 24 hours a day with generators and its strategic location on a huge beach makes it special and useful. Each floating cabin is equipped with shower, toilet, lighting, two electrical outlets, fans, basic beds, mosquito nets and a small storage unit. They are shared and very comfortable; you can wait for your daily transportation on the floating cabin deck, morning and evening.

Between 6:00 and 6:30 A.M. Traditional Colombian breakfast is served, with pork, arepas, eggs, potatoes, fruits and much more. Often, for the wonderful lunch we prepare chicken, pork, rice, salad and other tasty dishes. The hot days are long and pleasant, so hydration is essential and the coolers are loaded with water, Gatorade and beers. We can also enjoy the sunset and sunrise from the cabins or sitting around the fire enjoying dinner around 7:00 PM. Accompanied by good wine, beer, water and soft drinks that are always available at the camp. Temperatures often exceed 90 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and never get cooler than 60 degrees at night. Be prepared for the heat!


At 7:00 A.M. the group join to start the adventure with the rods loaded, heading upriver or downriver in search of the incredible Peacock Bass, making thousands of casts, the tactic employed consists mainly of casting an 8 or 9 times rod with a floating intermediate tip or fast sinking tip line towards structure, cover or defined depth, and retrieving your big bait pattern. Each cast in hopes of catching a lively, colorful Peacock Bass. Leaders consist of a single piece of 60-pound mono or fluro tippet 3-5 feet long. The fishing is very good, generally catching lots of fishes from 1 to 20 pounds.

The color of the river varies from clear to brown depending on depth and location. Early in the retrieve the fly is visible, then disappears at depth, but vicious strikes are visible despite the murky water. Peacock bass are most visible on beaches with clear, shallow water.

This biodiverse area of Colombia, allows us to obtain amazing birds, new species, caimans, iguanas, snakes, tapirs, capybaras, jaguars and monkeys inhabit the jungle edge of the river. It is amazing the amount of species that resided in the waters, besides Peacock Bass, we fished Bicuda, Arawana, Piranha, Catfish and Plako.


Fast action 8 and 9 wts.

RIO or SA Jungle Lines, we must have floating, intermediate and fast sinking versions.

Mono or 60 lb fluorocarbon

Flies should be 1/0-4/0: our best flies were CF Baitfish by Rainy , CF Whistler and “Bulkhead” mooring variations on the new Ahrex PR378 hook . EP Jungle streamer and baitfish in 2/0 to 4/0 are also great. Key colors seemed to be white and chartreuse, white and olive, white and sand, white and chartreuse, orange and chartreuse, guides didn’t like black at all.

Sun gloves and finger protection are critical.

Camping is fun, showers were river water running into your room, water temperatures range from 80 to 90 degrees. Nightly campfires and local musicians before and after dinner are great.

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience this trip. If you are interested in joining us, do not hesitate to contact us to plan everything.

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